August 2017 - Great Testimonies!


August 2017 - Great Testimonies!

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. For me, summer is a very busy time with church revival meetings and conferences in North America and the Middle East. I am so happy to report that it has been a very productive summer!


I would like to encourage you and thrill your heart with some wonderful stories of Muslim people coming to the Lord:

Muhammad, a man of Palestinian descent who live in Lebanon saw all the violence in the Middle East that was done in the name of Islam, so he and his wife denounced Islam and started to read the Bible and watch our programs and other Christian programs on the satellite channels. He made a decision to become a follower of Jesus Christ, and now he lives in Canada.


Abdullah from Morocco is an educated professor of Mathematics who realized that he did not like some of the content of the Quran and Hadiths; it made him angry and so he denounced Islam, believing that religion is man-made, and yet he believed in his heart that there was a God. He lived for many years with this disillusionment until he began to follow Christian TV and heard our strong witness for Jesus. He became a follower of Jesus and began to diligently study the Bible and read other Christian books which helped him grow in faith.


Zeinab from the United Arab Emirates studied as a child in a nun's Catholic school where she heard about Jesus and was open, but she never had a personal relationship with Christ. While still in the UAE she became disillusioned when she saw the true image of Islam and at the same time she began watching the Christian satellite channels and accepted Jesus as her Saviour. She has now immigrated to Canada and attends church regularly.


Rami, of Palestinian origin who now lives in London, England, called our program to ask questions about the Trinity. I gave him a good explanation and he decided to become a believer in Jesus Christ. He and his family have since been baptized in water.


Khalid, a highly educated man from Morocco left Islam to become an atheist but after reading an email about the resurrection of Jesus that I sent to our viewers, he went on a personal retreat. Every time he fell asleep he was awakened hearing the Name of Jesus. He began to feel peace and started calling our prayer counsellor regularly and finally after several months, he committed his life to follow Jesus Christ.


Saber from Morocco left Islam after becoming convinced about Jesus from watching our programs. He was radically changed from a violent man to a loving person. He needs our prayers as his wife was angry when he became a Christian and considers him an infidel and so she exposed him to the authorities and he is facing persecution.



As you can see these stories give us the assurance that what we do is worthy! It is greatly encouraging for us when we hear many such stories and when we learn of people who have been saved, even many years after the fact.


Will you please pray that the Holy Spirit will open the eyes and hearts of our viewers? There are so many lost and many seekers and we have the answer! Thank you dear supporter for helping us to give them the answer - to give them Jesus Christ!


There is an important issue I need to bring to your attention. I need your prayers desperately! The ministry of Light For All Nations is coming under the attack of the enemy, yet we are assured that we are on the right track when the enemy is intent on derailing us, but we are strong in the Lord and cannot be moved! Amen?


One such attack is on our finances. I am saddened to have to tell you that this is the first time in our long history as a ministry that we have experienced such a short fall. Will you help me to find new supporters of the ministry? Will you speak to your friends and churches about supporting? Will you pray and ask the Lord what you should do to help at this time?


I am sincerely and deeply thankful to you for being a faithful supporter. I am grateful to the Lord for the wonderful people who stand with me. Thank you for helping me to keep on going even through tough times.


May the Lord bless you abundantly!


Nizar Shaheen


P.s. As the Fall in fast approaching I want to give you a heads-up about our annual fund-raising events. In Edmonton, it will be on September 30, 2017 and in Ontario it will be on October 14, 2017, so please mark your calendars and plan on coming!

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