September 2017 - Miracle Working God!


September 2017 - Miracle Working God!

Grace and peace to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Firstly, I want to thank all who have responded to the financial need of the ministry. The Lord is answering our prayers and we are trusting Him to continue to provide.


It is amazing and thrilling to see the joy on the faces of our counsellors when they report to me about the calls they have received; fulfilling our vision - to turn people away from darkness unto Light!


Yesterday I learned about a call from Mohammed, who lives in France. He told our counsellor how he was touched by true Christianity that cares about the spiritual man. We know it was the Holy Spirit drawing him, and he prayed with our counsellor to accept the Lord Jesus!


Another man from Algeria has called in several times with questions. He is a seeker who told us that what has attracted him to Christianity was the love, forgiveness and the meekness. He said it is a religious that does not encourage violence and that he does not see any fault with Jesus Christ. Please pray for him to take the next step as he is very close to faith.


We do not give up on people, for our God is miracle worker! I am reminded of Hassen who had called us several times to argue. He seemed like a hopeless case, but we patiently dealt with him and prayed for him. Then one day he called and his words were surprising. He said, "I greet you in the Name of Jesus" and he proceeded to say "I believe in Jesus Christ!" He explained that Jesus had revealed saying, "I am the way, the truth and the life. Hassen, you are my messenger and you will witness for me among many!" When he told his family about his new faith, he was persecuted and had to leave his county of Mauritania. He is now studying theology by correspondence and will soon be a full-time Bible College student to prepare himself to be a missionary!


On our live programs we often have Muslims call in with verbal attacks, but it is very interesting that often times the very next call we take will be from an MBB (Muslim Background Believer) who testifies and comes to our aid in answering the attacker. The Lord greatly uses the live call-in feature on our programs for when Muslims hear the testimonies of those who have come to faith, it touches their hearts.


We received a letter from a MBB who testified that Jesus redeemed her life. I was amazed at her theological understanding. She said how Jesus offered Himself as a ransom and, "After all He has done for me, how could I not follow him with all my being?" She exhorted us to keep up the good work and to not have fear. She said our message has reached all of North Africa.


A man named Abu Nader wrote us with thanksgiving in his heart saying, "you are my second family" and "you are the reason I came to faith." Praise the Lord! We are so blessed and humbled.


The other day, a friend came over to our home and saw a young peach tree that Ellen and I planted three years ago. It was so full of peaches that the branches had bowed down to the ground.

Sept 2017


She immediately thought of a spiritual application...when you are so blessed by God with fruit, it causes you to bow down humbly before Him. I am also reminded that unless we abide in the Lord we cannot bear fruit (John 15:5).



The Lord has again opened the door for another missions trip to Syria! Your support of Light For All Nations helps us to not only produce wonderful TV productions, but to evangelize and provide humanitarian aid to the suffering and displaced people in Syria. Please keep the Light For All Nations ministry in your prayers. God bless you!


In Christ's love and service,

Nizar Shaheen


P.s. Let us remember to pray for the suffering people in the wake of the destructive hurricane Harvey, and for those in the path of the latest big hurricane Irma.

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