October 2017 - He Won The Race!


October 2017 - He Won The Race!

Grace and peace to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The month of September was a difficult month for my family. On Tuesday, September 5, 2017 my father-in-law, David Mainse, was hospitalized and he went on to his eternal reward on Monday, September 25, 2017.


When his health was rapidly declining I was in Israel with my daughter Sarah, doing production for our English program, "Let There Be Light." After arriving home, I rushed to the hospital to see dad. I was supposed to leave the next day for my missions trip to Syria and Lebanon, but due to dad's condition I cancelled the trip so I could stay with the family.


The committee in Lebanon begged me to come, even if only for two days, as they had advertised and promoted my evangelistic meetings among the Syrian Muslim Refugees. During one of my wonderful visits with dad in the hospital, I told him how the committee in Lebanon was still insisting I go. He perked up and looked at me firmly, pointing his finger at me and said, "Go and win souls!" He then laid his hands on me and prayed for God's anointing upon me.


Ellen booked another ticket for a quick trip. I had four meetings in two days: two meetings in Zahleh in the refugee camp that borders Syria. More than 60 people received Christ. Then I preached in two meetings in Beirut with Syrian refugees. In the first meeting 30 people accepted the Lord. As the last and largest meeting was beginning, I was praying and felt in my spirit that Dad had gone on to heaven. When I began to preach I felt that special anointing in answer to his prayers. Many people responded to the call for salvation. 99% of all those saved were Muslim. I later learned it was 100 people! Many know that the number 100 is special to David Mainse and the Lord has used that number many times to confirm His will to dad. After the meeting when I was in a wifi area, I opened my phone and saw Ellen's text saying, "Dad is with Jesus." I arrived back home the next day and told the family about the many salvations. Ellen said dad witnessed these names being written in the Book of Life! I offer these 100 names as a gift to Dad. All Glory to the Lord!


The funeral service was truly a God-glorifying celebration of dad's amazing life! We felt the joy and strength of the Lord all week and are so thankful for the many people who have prayed for my dear mother-in-law, Norma Jean, for Ellen and our whole family. Please click the following link to visit the David Mainse Memorial Website and you can watch the funeral/celebration service online.


Ministry in the Muslim world is now a wide open door! Ministers of the Gospel have unprecedented opportunities. Light For All Nations is being used of God mightily, especially in the past few years. The Middle East and North Africa are very unpredictable regions. People are fed up with the outward appearance of religion and their questions are not adequately being answered. We see many turning to Christ!


What an amazing difference I observed last week in Lebanon, on the people before and after they accepted the Lord. When they came into the service, they were sad, downcast and in true despair. After hearing the Gospel, their hearts were opened and so many accepted the Lord! What a radical difference came about! They began to smile, to laugh, to dance and sing! Their circumstances had not change, but their hearts changed, giving them joy despite their dire situation.


Thank you my dear partners and supporters! You have made the radical change in people's hearts and lives happen! I urge you to continue to faithfully support Light For All Nations.

Thank you for your prayers for my family and especially my precious mother-in-law. God bless you!


With joy in Christ,
Nizar Shaheen

p.s. Click to watch my daughter's interview with her grandfather, David Mainse, Part 1, Part 2



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