January 2018 - Let's Sow a Seed!


January 2018 - Let's Sow a Seed!

Greetings in the Name of our glorious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It is hard to believe we are already in year 2018! I pray that God will give you a blessed and fruitful New Year!


I firstly want to express my deepest appreciation for your partnering with Light For All Nations and participation in the harvest and rejoicing with us in the fruit gathered for eternal life (John 4:36)! You have helped us to accomplish much for the glory of God! We have produced and aired all over the world, targeting the Middle East and North Africa, hours and hours of soul-winning Arabic language video productions! In 2017 we started an English program co-hosted with my daughter, Sarah, called "Let There Be Light" now seen on YesTV out of Ontario and on our webpage, but Lord willing it will start to air in other parts of the world as well.


Praise the Lord for using Light For All Nations for helping to bring thousands unto His salvation! I am committed to continue evangelism and teaching through the production of top-quality programs, as this is God's calling upon us. We will focus on producing programs that will answer the burning questions and lead people to Jesus Christ. We will use Satellite TV stations and all other forms of media, including social media to get the message spread far and wide! I recently sent out an Arabic message on YouTube and FaceBook about healing. In just a few days we have had almost 60,000 people view it on our Facebook page (see Facebook link at the bottom of this email). After it was uploaded we had an immediate response from a Muslim lady who said, she prayed with me for healing and she was healed. She declared, "JESUS IS GOD!" The Lord is using all these various means to reach people. The Holy Spirit is at work!


Watch this video on YouTube:

Healing Power of Jesus Christ

In 2018 the ministry will continue our goal of helping, both spiritually and physically, the suffering refugees and displaced peoples of Syria. It is amazing and miraculous to see how God has opened the doors for me to go there, to witness and bring help and joy to so many who have not only lost everything they owned, but who have all lost family members due to the terrorism of ISIS. God has given me great favor in the eyes of the political and religious leaders in Syria. They have urged me to return.


In 2017 the wonderful supporters of LFAN helped us to raise $151,688.36 for missions in Syria! This is about 15% of our operating budget and we are so happy that God has provided people, such as yourself, who stand with us and give generously. On behalf of the hundreds of people whose names are written in the book of Life - A BIG THANK YOU!


On my last trip, I met a Kurdish man who told me that he and about 50 members of his family received Jesus Christ! He said, "I own a plot of land that I had once thought to use to build a mosque, but now I want to build a church!" I replied that I would be so happy to come after its built and be the first one to preach in it!


The Middle East is unpredictable and often like a boiling pot. As it is now simmering, and people are in a state of disillusionment, we have much freedom to preach and go to many places that we could not go before. We do not know where the situation is heading but we know that God is in control, and that Jesus is coming back very soon; the clock is ticking. I am committed to preaching the Good News and to make disciples wherever God sends me. We try to always maximize the affects of the evangelistic campaigns in various churches and venues, by using television production and other media to multiply the hearers of the Word.


In the Spring time (April) I am planning another missions trip to Syria. We will:
1. Revisit and raise up the cross on the church that ISIS destroyed in Raqqa
2. Baptize many believers in water
3. Lead a service of marriage renewal - to be a Christian marriage for many couples
4. Focus on training, raising up new leaders and planting new churches
5. Visit, encourage, pray for, and disciple the new believers who suffered greatly under ISIS


Again, thank you for your support of Light For All Nations. Let us continue to shine as a light in the dark places. Let us concentrate on the Kingdom of heaven and destroy the works of Satan through the power of the Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ!


Please pray for me and my team and for all the new believers to grow in faith. Please also support us by giving generously. Will you sow seed with us into this field? May the Lord bless you abundantly and give you His favor in this New Year and use you to reach others and may Light For All Nations see 2018 to be the greatest year thus far for the gathering in of spiritual fruit.


In Christ's love and service,

Nizar Shaheen

P.S. We will be mailing by hard copy in the post the 2017 income tax receipts for your giving soon, so please ensure we have your correct postal address on file and watch for it.

P.P.S. If you don't already, would you consider becoming a regular monthly donor in 2018?

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