April 2018 - Prayer Partners Needed


April 2018 - Prayer Partners Needed

Greetings to you in the power of the Name of our Risen Lord! Trusting you had a wonderful Resurrection celebration! Ellen and I enjoyed a wonderful family time together. Our grandchildren enjoyed a fun egg-hunt and Ellen made a delicious turkey with all the trimming. We were just missing our second eldest daughter Hannah and her husband Dan, as they live 12 hours up north.


March was a busy and productive month for Light For All Nations. We taped many new programs in both Arabic and English, and I started to make a short weekly video message for our Facebook page. Also in March I made ministry trips to Egypt and Israel where hundreds of people received the Lord Jesus Christ into their hearts. We are certainly in a time of harvest!


I had a phone call the other day from a pastor in Australia who accepted the Lord 15 years ago as result of the Light For All Nations ministry, and he is very active in ministry and has a wonderful church. It was music to my ears when he told me, "You have many children in our meetings from Muslim background." He is referring to those of whom I am a spiritual father, as they came to faith through the Light For All Nations Ministry. He invited me to come and meet them and to minister in his church and I will certainly be doing that!


The Light For All Nations ministry aims to connect our viewers with local congregations, such as the one I will be visiting in Australia. There is a huge need for follow-up. May I ask that you pray for us, for our follow-up department, to help all those who come to the Lord through our programs to find local churches wherein they can grow in faith and become witnesses for the Lord.


As you know, last year I made several successful mission trips to Syria where we helped thousands of people and the Lord was glorified with many lost souls coming to salvation. This year I will be making follow-up trips with the aim of strengthening the body of believers in Kobani and Raqqa, the former strongholds of ISIS. I had originally thought to go this month, but because of the current unsteady situation due to the Turkish incursion in that region and the internal turmoil, I have postponed it to a more stable time, hopefully and prayerfully in June, when I will train some believers to become church leaders. I will baptize, dedicate children and teach about Holy Communion and the sanctity of Christian marriage. The new believers need our prayers. May the Lord protect them and help them to grow in numbers and in faith.


Thank you also for praying for me and the LFAN ministry. My goal is to raise up an army of prayer warriors. Can I count on you to pray for me? Will you email me to let me know if you can pray each week or each day for 5 to 10 minutes and if you agree to be put on a special email prayer request letter? From time to time I will need to rally the troops for prayers. Great things will be accomplished with the power of prayer!


May God bless you my friend,


Nizar Shaheen

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