May 2018 - Successful production in the Galilee


May 2018 - Successful production in the Galilee

Greetings to you in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Tragedy came yesterday in the parking lot of the Crossroads Centre in Burlington, Ontario, where we rent our office and studio space. A three year old boy was found dead in a hot parked car at about 5:30 PM. Please pray for the family of this child who must be going through their worst nightmare. We know this young boy is with Jesus, but his family who remain are grief stricken and need the Lord's comfort and strength. My staff and I are so saddened and in our staff devotion and prayer time this morning, we lifted them up before God.


Yesterday morning I returned home from a very successful production trip in Israel. My team and I taped 45 episodes in the Arabic language dealing with the subject matter of the Sermon on the Mount - the most amazing and transformational sermon in the world given by the Lord Jesus on the slopes of the hill surrounding the Sea of Galilee. Temperatures reached over 40 º C and we all got a little sun-burned, but we managed to accomplished our goal and came back with great footage for the glory of God!



production teamWith the team at Sea of Galilee - Production Team


sermon on the mount teaching

Taping in Galilee- Sermon on the Mount Teaching


Thank you for your support of Light For All Nations that helps us to see the Kingdom of Jesus expanded throughout a part of the world that is in great turmoil. Violence and death is a common thing in the Middle East, and according to the Word of God this brings a curse upon the land. People often ask me what I think will happen? This month much has happened in Israel; the celebration of 70 years as a State; the moving of the American Embassy to Jerusalem - all that has caused demonstrations and unrest. Biblically we know that worldly systems - the anti-Christ systems of the world, will join forces to fight against the way of Jesus Christ; these are end-time markers. Until the Lord returns, there will always be violence, but even though it appears to be a very gloomy picture, I want to tell you there is still good news! Like never before we are seeing souls saved in a tremendous move of God! Please pray for not only the peace of Jerusalem, which is actually praying that they will know Who is their peace, namely, Jesus Christ, but pray also for His peace to come into the whole Middle East.


Soon I will be returning to the Kurdish region in the north of Syria bordering Turkey where it is also in a dark and gloomy state, but miraculously the Lord is at work with whole communities of Muslims coming to the salvation of the Lord! I will be doing follow-up work - baptizing, marrying, dedicating children, and helping in the firm establishment of new congregations.


Please pray my dear friend for the Holy Spirit to touch lives as we give the message of hope through Jesus Christ. I need your prayers for God's favour and I need your support. If the Lord lays it on your heart, please donate and write in the note or memo "Missions." At this time there is a great open door and an unprecedented opportunity in an unpredictable Middle East.


May the Lord bless you and protect you from harm and evil. Lord keep your angels around us and may no attacks or counsel of the enemy prevail.


Nizar Shaheen


p.s. If you are still getting our hard copy letter, please let us know so we can send you emails only and thus save $ on postage.

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