June 2018 - The Lord is in Control!


June 2018 - The Lord is in Control!

Greetings to you in the precious Name of Jesus Christ our Brother, Friend and Lord!


I wrote in my last email to you that I would soon be going on a mission trip into Syria. By God's grace, after a long trip, I have now made it into Northern Syria working with locals to strengthen the new churches and evangelize while the doors are wide open. We are also helping in tangible ways the new and suffering believers. Will you help this mission today? We still need more financial support.


This is a war torn area and after the dust settles, so to speak, there is a spiritual void in many people as they are disillusioned with Islam and have many questions. It was, after all, Islam that caused the tragic and catastrophic events in this land. God has placed our ministry here for such a time as this to offer the Gospel to them that they can experience the power of salvation and they are accepting the Lord Jesus in droves! When I return I will email you again with some pictures and tell you about all the miracles and wonderful things happening here!


Not only on the ground do we see thousands getting saved, but through the Light For All Nations online presence and satellite presence we have reports showing the effective results of our ministry. We receive hundreds of emails and thousands of FaceBook messages. God is at work in these days in a great way!


Not all the messages we receive are positive, for as we declare the identity and deity of Jesus Christ and His plan of redemption, we are receiving a lot of attacks and threats. On last Wednesday's live program we had a caller attack us. Please pray with me, that those who argue and verbally attack us, will come to realize, through the power of the Holy Spirit, that Jesus Christ is Lord! Indeed He is the answer; He is the Light of the world.


Another matter for prayer is closer to home. We need to pray for the political elections; for the people who lead to be godly people; people who will stand up for morality. The system of the world is against Christ, and when they put God aside and take Him out of the picture, then we see moral and cultural collapse leading to turmoil, compromise, increased sinfulness and heartache. Let us pray for righteous leaders. "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people" (Proverbs 14:34).


When Christians lose the passion for evangelism, we become a Church of maintenance, rather than a church of vision that has a clear plan to be salt and light and thus win souls for Christ. Let us pray to have a passion for souls. Let us repent and confess our sins as a body. Let us go forth with renewed strength and with the power of the Holy Spirit.


My friend, you have my deepest appreciation for standing with me. Thank you! I am so grateful to the many who have supported Light For All Nations for many years. We are laying up treasures in heaven - the heavenly deposit is much greater and more important than any deposit we might make in the bank.


On May 29th, a 87 year old supporter called the ministry office to make a credit card donation. I overheard my wife Ellen speaking with her on the phone and it touched my heart and I felt so much appreciation for this faithful donor who has given to the ministry for many, many years. Then my mind thought of the younger generation of people, my generation and the generation of my children, a demographic from whom we do not get much support. Oh, I pray that God raises up people from these younger generations who will stand with our mission so that we can continue to minister God's love and salvation to the lost for many more years to come.


Please pray for Light For All Nations to have new donors come on board. We need new monthly donors that we can count on. Will you help us and spread the word about our mission? Could you forward this email to people you know and trust and write a short memo something to the effect of, "a good ministry to support."


Thank you and may the Lord richly bless you!


In Christ's love and service,
Nizar Shaheen

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