July 2018 - Mission Trip Report


July 2018 - Mission Trip Report

Grace and peace to you in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are living in exciting days for the ministry! I recently returned from one of the most productive missions trips to Syria. It was wonderful! I felt like I was back in the Book of Acts, seeing new converts come to the Lord, new churches planted, people healed, delivered and baptized! The Lord revealed Himself and did amazing things. Please look the pictures I shared at the end of this email, but for safety reason please do not post or share them.


It is no wonder I had so much difficulty with getting back into Syria. I was detained for two days at the airport in Lebanon. Satan tried to prevent me, but God overruled! In fact, God turned it into a blessed time as I was able to witness to many people, both fellow detainees and those in authority. I encouraged people, helped some out who were in great financial need, and prayed with people. I was so happy I went through this hard experience. God had me there for a reason. I felt like the Apostle Paul who had been imprisoned and was still able to minister.


Finally I was granted the permission to travel into Syria. It was my second trip to these regions in Northern Syria and it was for the special purpose of follow-up with the new believers, but this time, we had even more come to know the Lord, as the people invited their friends and neighbours to hear the message.


With all the turmoil these people have endured, many left Islam as they saw what religion did to them, causing so much destruction and death. They needed, however to know that there is a better way, in fact, it is the only Way. God led me to explain to them that it is not enough to just leave Islam, you must put your faith and trust in the Lord Jesus and in what He accomplished on the Cross and with the Resurrection. I prayed with them and was amazed by the receptivity; they were so spiritually hungry. It was a miracle!


We were a team of eight people and we spent several hours each day in each area, sitting outside, under the grape vines with a lot of people gathered to hear and many onlookers peaking in and straining to hear as well. The atmosphere reminded me of my childhood when our families and friends would sit outside under the grape leaves to converse and socialize. I felt like a father with my beloved family. I had the privilege of teaching and discipling them, doing children's dedications and leading many children to the Lord and baptizing several people, including two prominent people; the main doctor in a major hospital and the head judge.


What a joyous time it was! There was one lady who came to the Lord on my previous trip that I didn't recognize, because she looked so different now having discarded wearing the hijab and head covering and she is now active among the believers and leading worship music. Praise the Lord! Some of our team members will be continuing the follow-up and helping with the growth of the these four newly planted churches and I am trusting God they will be very strong and growing churches. What an honour for us to participate in this mission field, and that includes you, who have donated to Light For All Nations. A BIG THANKS TO YOU!


Our various media productions to reach the Muslim and Arabic speaking world is continuing with strength and on the increase. I will be travelling for more production in Israel soon, so it is a busy time with lots of ministry plans.


Before I close this letter, may I ask you to give Light For All Nations a special gift at this time, especially as we are in the financial drought of summer, so to speak. We are trusting the Lord to meet all the needs and we need your help and your prayers.


May the Lord bless you abundantly!


In Christ's love and service,


Nizar Shaheen


P.S.'s- We will having a fund-raising banquet in Edmonton, Alberta on Saturday, September 29th, so if you live in that area, please mark your calendars and plan to come.
- In the Greater Toronto Area we are still looking for the right facility to use for a fund-raising event. The Crossroads Centre in Burlington is no longer available, but you should be hearing soon from us about the when and where of it.



Pictures of Northern Syria Missions Trip


Dedication of Children

July 2018 1


Joyous Baptisms

July 2018 2


Ministry Team

July 2018 3


Bible Study under the grape vines

July 2018 4

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