December 2018 - Report & pictures of our Syrian Children's Christmas Celebration


December 2018 - Report & pictures of our Syrian Children's Christmas Celebration

Greetings in the wonderful Name of the One we are celebrating - our Lord Jesus Christ! I just returned from the missions trip to Syria and it was a thrilling time of ministry! The Lord gave me His favor and protection. Thank you to our Light For All Nations partners who prayed and supported generously!


"Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me." (Matthew 25:40)


As I arrived in Syria and drove along the roads you could see the destruction and signs of war everywhere. We passed areas where the ISIS fighters had done atrocities, massacred Christians and did horrendous acts of violence, but now after seven years of war, the roads are open and there is a change in the atmosphere. The people are rebuilding and hope is rising. The Christian communities have put up Christmas trees and decorations.


The highlight of the trip was our children's Christmas celebration. Please view at the end of this email the pictures I have included and also view a short video:


Syrian Children's Christmas Celebration
(It came to me by a message, so the quality is not too good, but it will give you good glimpse of our celebration).


I am so thankful to the Lord for the local people that worked with us to make it a great success. It was a surprise to us that the event we had originally planned had to be moved to a different area due to opposition, but the Lord's will was done and He worked out all the plans which led to our ministry having an even greater impact.


We had a great and joyous celebration in a packed hall in the Valley of Nasara. 650 children from ages 8 to 14 including many Muslim children attended along with many helpers. All the churches worked together in unity. We had a wonderful children's choir, a famous singer and I gave a strong salvation message. Every person in the hall repeated the prayer after me to accept Jesus into their hearts!


It was an exciting time for the children when our Santas gave out the gifts! I am so thankful to all who donated so we could buy from Syria the gifts and candy. We supported local workers, who made the backpacks and hired many ladies who knitted the hats and scarves for each child thus helping many families to earn money.


The Syrian TV covered the event on the national news and it was taped to be televised several times throughout the Christmas season, including at prime time on Christmas eve on the National Syrian TV and on several other channels, such as Sat7. Many more people will be hearing the Gospel message throughout the country due to the media coverage. Praise the Lord!


Our work will continue as our partners in Syria will distribute 200 gift bags on Christmas Eve to children in the area who could not make it to the event and the remaining 300 bags will be given to some orphans and to children who are hospitalized and who have been maimed in the war and to several children in the cancer ward.


The Children's ministry was truly a festive time! In this region of the Valley of Nasara, they have suffered much for the past two years with thousands of rockets and bullets raining down on them with much fatalities. What a blessings for us to bring such joy to this region! The spiritual climate is open to the Gospel and the Lord has put Light For All Nations there at such a great time for harvest! We will continue with our plans to further minister among the Kurdish people who are so receptive and many of whom are already accepted the Lord. With your help, we will change the face of Syria.


Have a blessed Christmas and may the Lord be with your family. May each member of your family be fully committed to the Lord. In Jesus' Name we pray.


With the joy of the Lord,

Nizar Shaheen


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Helpers and Planning Committee

dec2018 1

Some of our Children's Gift Bags

dec2018 2

Our helpers preparing the Gift Bags

dec2018 3

Contents of Gift Bags

dec2018 4

Awaiting the children's arrival

dec2018 5

Here they come!

dec2018 6

Filling the Hall

dec2018 7

Let us Get the Party Started

dec2018 8

Local Children's Choir performing

dec2018 9

Salvation Message

dec2018 10

Exciting Gift Giving Time

dec2018 11

Interviewed by Syrian National TV

dec2018 12

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