January 2019 - A Blessed New Year is Ours!


January 2019 - A Blessed New Year is Ours!

New Years greetings to you in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I hope and pray you will have a blessed, happy and healthy 2019!


2018 has been a challenging year for the ministry of Light For All Nations, but the Lord has brought us through with success and productivity! I am eternally grateful to all our ministry supporters who have stood with me. You have helped me to personally reach thousands for Christ in our evangelistic campaigns and to give humanitarian aid to thousands in Syria. Also, in this past year we accomplished much excellent television production with the goal of reaching the lost masses with the Gospel message. Praise the Lord and all glory goes to Him for the many souls who came to Lord!


Over the Christmas season our viewers watched the excellent documentary series we made on the Christmas characters. We also aired the special Christmas celebration for children in Syria on three major satellite stations covering the Middle East. God has given Light For All Nations much favor and has blessed our outreach greatly!


By God's grace and by the help of the Holy Spirit we will continue in this New Year to see the Kingdom of Light expanded and the Name of Jesus honored and glorified, and to destroy the kingdom of darkness and release the hold that Satan has on many lives. We have the victory! I am committed to keep moving forward.


In this New Year the ministry will be focusing on producing programs on the identity of Jesus Christ. We will lift up His Holy Name! We will shout it from the roof-tops (literally via the satellites) that Jesus Christ is Lord and He is the only Way! I am planning to do in both English and Arabic a series on the Uniqueness of Christ. It will be 52, half hour episodes and we will make a book and a curriculum for follow-up.


Light For All Nations will continue with our regular weekly live programming and we will continue to plan more evangelistic campaigns in different countries of the Middle East, with a focus on Syria. God miraculously opened the door for me to go into Syria and I will go where He leads me.


Please keep us in your prayers and in your regular giving. If you are not a monthly partner would you consider becoming one this year? It makes giving much easier. The options for PAD are on available on the donation link which takes you to our web page.


I know we can make 2019 a year of even greater things done for God! On behalf of the many people whose lives have been touched by the Light For All Nations Ministry, I say to you a big THANK YOU!


In Christ's love and service,

Nizar Shaheen

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