March 2019 - Our News


March 2019 - Our News

Grace and peace to you in the precious Name of Jesus Christ. The spiritual climate in the Middle East is what I would describe as very ripe. Spiritual hunger is evident in these Arabic speaking countries. No day passes without Light For All Nations seeing people come to Jesus. We are especially seeing much activity on our Social Media platforms. Of course, being on public forums, we often face criticism and persecution, yet we must remain online to proclaim the Gospel and all praise and glory to the Lord, because we have many coming to faith in Jesus Christ and many share their testimonies that in turn, broaden our reach!


I just returned from a wonderful two week ministry trip to Egypt. I spoke in many churches in several cities and towns and did training for church leaders to help them have a greater impact in their communities. More than 200 people accepted the Lord! Most of the services were broadcast live on two major satellite TV channels, thus broadening our outreach and impact.


I was so happy to see the openness and receptiveness of the people. I was recognized wherever I went and this makes me glad, because it indicates the vast numbers who watch our programs and who are hearing the salvation message. We had a security detail around us at all times, but even so I openly prayed with soldiers and police officers. God has a special love for Egypt!


There is an interesting trend these days.... many Muslims are searching online and learning more about Islam and the many things wrong with it and with their prophet, and as a result they are leaving Islam (often secretly) and are becoming atheists. Often times their search leads them to curiosity about Christianity. Our ministry and many other good ministries are online with websites and YouTube videos that teach people about Jesus and the faith in Him that offers eternal life. Recently someone from Yemen and another from Morocco watched our videos and came to faith in Jesus Christ.


On my desk I have a stack of papers - reports of salvation and testimonies from people all over the Middle East. One report was about an Egyptian university student who saw a dream of Jesus and he began to read the Bible and became a Christian, but as a result he was kicked out of his family. Another report that really touched my heart is an entire family from Iraq came to Jesus! It is such a joy to see all these precious people coming to Christ!


Even here in North America I often meet people who tell me they came to know the Lord many years ago through watching our programs on TV. I met two ladies who told me they became believers in the early 90's in Iraq and now they are refugees in Canada. It blesses me to see the effects of the ministry even after many years. Light For All Nations programs have been on TV now for 35 years bringing to the masses the truth, hope and love of Jesus Christ!


Please remember me, and the Light For All Nations Ministry in your regular prayers and offerings. I am so thankful to the Lord for you and your support. May the Lord bless you abundantly!


In Christ's love & service,


Nizar Shaheen



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