April 2019 - A Happy Resurrection Celebration to you!


April 2019 - A Happy Resurrection Celebration to you!

Grace and peace to you in the victorious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that you will have a wonderful Resurrection Celebration this month with your loved ones. We have the hope of resurrection because of our Lord's redemptive work on the cross! All praise and glory to the Lord, the Risen Savior, who by His death has given us life! May you live each day with the power of the resurrection.


Light For All Nations Ministry is seeing new life everyday! We are so happy with the great response from Muslim people receiving the Lord Jesus Christ - people from all over North Africa, the Middle East and even some from Sudan. Many of our television productions are apologetic in nature; answering the hard questions and giving proof of our belief in Jesus Christ, but the majority are attracted to our programs that deal with the miraculous power of Jesus, like His healing power and how He answers prayer. Many Muslims come from a dark past, from abuse of every sort, from divorce and marital problems, injustice and inequality, especially for women. We pray for them and lead them to salvation and encourage them in their life struggles. We call upon the Lord for His forgiveness and His healing, and all praise to the Lord, He has answered so many prayers!


Not only do our viewers have spiritual hunger, but they also express a lot of dissatisfaction with their religion. Islam does not meet their deep spiritual needs; only Jesus can do that. Jesus also helps them to face the persecution that will result from deciding to follow Him, especially in countries that are openly anti-Christian.


On May first we are launching the new production on the "Sermon on the Mount" that was taped on Biblical locations. It was done originally in the Arabic language, but now I will be dubbing it into English. For those who wish to watch the programs we have done in English, they can be viewed on our website and the Arabic productions can be viewed on www.LFAN.com.


Jesus' Sermon on the Mount shows the highest moral code and the superiority of His teachings. It is the greatest teaching of all time! When considering the contrast it has with other religious teachings there is no comparison; this is especially true of the Golden Rule. It is no wonder so many people are attracted to Jesus Christ - His sinless life, His teaching, His miracles! No other person who walked on this earth is like Him!


Please continue to pray for the ministry of Light For All Nations. We are planning another evangelistic outreach in Syria and another outreach among the Syrian refugees in Lebanon. God has given us a great opportunity to reach them and they have been very receptive to the Gospel. I know that the next trip will bring in a great harvest of souls!


May I ask that if you are not already a monthly partner, would you becoming one today? Let's do it together! I can do nothing alone, and with God's help, strength, protection and provision, we are making a huge difference throughout the Arab world.


Have a blessed Easter and may God give you His peace, strength and joy!


In Christ's love and service,

Nizar Shaheen


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