May 2019 - Reaching Millions!


May 2019 - Reaching Millions!

Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Trusting you had a wonderful celebration of our Lord's resurrection. I was in Israel during this time and it was very eventful!


The Holy Land was packed with tourists during the Passion Weeks (for both the western church and the Eastern Orthodox Church). I accompanied a group of Arabic speaking tourists as a Bible teacher. As we were walking in the old city of Jerusalem and stopping at the various Stations of the Cross (the Via Dolorosa) many other people followed along to hear me speak. There was a large number of people visiting from the Galilee who came by bus-loads to Jerusalem. When they saw me and recognized me from TV, they left their group and joined us. A high light was the final stop at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the traditional location of Golgotha and the empty tomb. In a very loud voice so that everyone could hear, I preached a powerful Gospel message that was heard in the courtyard and throughout the market place as well. Knowing that many Muslims were also listening, I explained the crucifixion and the resurrection and gave a salvation message. All glory and praise to the Lord, the message was openly received and many desperate people came to me for prayer. I learned that many listening were my children through faith. It is exciting to follow God's call and He always amazes me with the way He works things out so that the lost, whom He loves, will hear the Good News.


may 2019 img
Crowds in the courtyard of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre during the Passion Week


I have been producing many short video messages that have been uploaded to our social media sites. I did many about the Easter Story. The response on social media has been amazing! Last year, in 2018, we reached a total of 36,431,652 views and this year the numbers are growing so we have been investing more and more in the social media aspect of the ministry. On our YouTube channel alone the views of our videos came to 703,281 and on FaceBook the video views were 4,855,226. These great results are from our sites alone, but we share freely our videos on many other ministries' sites and the numbers are sky-rocketing! Only eternity will know the fruit!


Before closing my letter, I want to let you know that in August, we are planning for another ministry trip to Lebanon and Syria. We will be holding evangelistic campaigns and renting large venues. We are expecting about 5000 people to be reached. The invitation came through the Greek Orthodox Church in Syria. I will preach strong evangelistic messages and we will have a wonderful music minister join me. I believe evangelism is of utmost importance!


The Lord has given me great favor in Syria ever since I went there during war times and they know how much love and care I have for them. These areas are wide open and hungry for the Gospel. I need your prayers and support, as this is an unprecedented opportunity and I believe very strongly that the Lord has opened the way for me to go and He has a special plan and purpose for these people in that devastated country for they are precious and beloved in His sight. It is time for healing and for a special visitation from the Lord. Please prayerfully consider financially supporting this mission trip.


May the Lord bless you abundantly!


In Christ's love and service,

Nizar Shaheen


P.s. To designate your offering for the evangelism in Syria, write "Mission Trip" in the memo or note of your donation.



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