May 2019 - Summer Mission Trip!


May 2019 - Summer Mission Trip!

As many of you know, I have been heavily involved in missions in the last few years, because of the tragic events due to ISIS, especially in Iraq and Syria.



We, as ministers to these regions, had to step up and do something. God called me to go, even during war times, to show our love and care for the suffering people. God has given me much favor and my many visits and messages from God have been well-received. Not only were we able to help thousands of refugees and displaced people with humanitarian provision, but, most importantly, we were able to offer them the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and thousands responded by giving their hearts to the Lord! Many Muslims have been saved and baptized in water. Many new churches have begun and existing churches have been strengthened. We have a great follow-up team on the ground and are continuing to disciple those who came to the Lord.

I have another great opportunity to go back to Syria in August. We are planning a large-scale evangelistic outreach in an area that had been devastated by ISIS. For more than a year, these people living in the area called "Wadi Nasara" experienced daily shelling and rockets, deaths, kidnapping and murders. Finally they are now experiencing a time of freedom and tranquility.

Upon the invitation of the main Christian church, the Greek Orthodox Church, and our co-workers on the ground, Light For All Nations has agreed to provide the major funding for the outreach. We will rent out a soccer field that seats well over 5000 people and have a full day of meetings and ministry. There will be wonderful Gospel Singers, a theatrical performance about the resurrection of Jesus Christ,and of course strong evangelistic and biblical messages that the Lord has given me to speak.


Ever since ISIS began their terror, Light For All Nations has brought humanitarian aid to the suffering people, and this time is no different. We will support the efforts of the local churches who are taking care of many displaced families. Our co-workers for Christ are doing a great job but they still need our help in their support of those who have lost everything. The Church of Jesus Christ has always been the major contributor to help suffering people all over the world. Also, on the day of the big evangelistic event, we will provide a meal and beverages to all who come! As Jesus said, even a cup of cold water given in His Name is not without its reward (Matthew 10:42).


The messages we share will be far-reaching because the event and preaching will have media coverage. It will be professionally televised and taped and shown on the Syrian TV and on various satellite channels.


Our outreach will coincide with a busy time of year when Wadi Nasara has many visitors to the city, so people from all over the country will be in the area and they will hear the Good News. People will come and go throughout the day, and we are expecting a great harvest of souls! We are trusting the Lord that those who hear will then take the message back to their home towns. This is the way the church grows! It is not just my preaching; it is the witness of the thousands!


A few days prior to the event, I will be speaking at a conference on the university campus. During this conference I will be recruiting young people to help as volunteers for the big event. There are many logistics in planning such an event, so I value your prayers. I thank the Lord for a very capable person with a great team who are helping us.


Please pray for this great mission in Syria:

  • Pray for favor and wisdom in dealing with all the logistics.
  • Pray for a great harvest of souls
  • Pray that people would experience the inner peace that only Jesus can give.
  • Pray that the Lord's Name will be glorified in Wadi Nasara and throughout Syria.
  • Pray for the financial provision


Will you partner with me? Will you give a special donation this week? Some have already begun to respond from the appeal in my last newsletter, and I am so thankful for their support! I pray many more will respond this week. Our goal is to reach $90,000. Call or email us, or click on the link below to go online to support. Please put "Mission Trip" in the note or memo of your donation.


When we partner together, we will surely rejoice together.
"...Lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest! And he who reaps receives wages, and gathers fruit for eternal life, that both he who sows and he who reaps may rejoice together." (John 4:35-36).


May the Lord bless you!


Nizar Shaheen

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