June 2019 - A Blessed Season


June 2019 - A Blessed Season

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. What always amazes me is the effects of the ministry - they are far-reaching and sometimes surprising!


When we broadcast the message over the airwaves, it is just like the biblical analogy, when the sower would broadcast seed by throwing it around on the ground randomly and often the wind would take the seed further, then, when the harvest season comes, you find the new growth scattered everywhere, even where you don't expect it, but when you find it and tend to the new growth, it grows to fruition which can then bring about an increase. This amazes me! Our message has reached people far and wide and taken root in their receptive hearts; but not only that; the message continues to spread as it is shared with others.


Light For All Nations not only does evangelism and follow-up, but we have directly and indirectly helped with the planting of new churches and growth of existing churches . In many cases these new churches are meeting in homes, just like in the Book of Acts. Also, in the Book of Acts we saw that the church grew because many believers were forced to leave their homes because of persecution and move to other countries. In the new places, they spread the Good News and the church grew! This is happening today, as many Christian refugee have fled from Iraq and Syria.


I got an email the other day from a believer from Muslim background. He was forced to leave his home country of Iraq and is now a refugee in Turkey. He has been sharing the Gospel with many other refugees from Syria and Iraq and now there are about 20 people who have come to faith and want to be baptized! He requested help for them, and himself to be discipled so they will grown in faith and in the knowledge of the Lord. Praise the Lord! My heart leapt when I read his email and I want to make plans to go and meet up with them in Turkey. Usually, we send local people because we network with ministers on the ground, but something has stirred in my heart and this time, I want to go and work alongside our local people so that I can meet them and hold training meetings. It would be a great honor for me to baptize them in water!


We have similar stories coming to us from refugee believers in Sweden and Holland. They are meeting together to study the Bible in homes. We do our best to put them in contact with Arabic speaking pastors and leaders in their new countries. God's message is advancing and the gates of hell will not prevail!


We receive a lot of written attacks from our popular social media sites. The attacks are especially concerning the identity of Jesus Christ, but at the same time, we hear from people who confess their faith in Jesus Christ and for some it is like "coming out of the closet" to proclaim that they are believers! Pray for these new believers, for they will surely face persecution.


I am thrilled that many have responded to my appeal for the summer Syria Mission Trip, but we still need more support! I will be emailing you shortly a revised Mission Trip Appeal letter, but in this version of the letter, I have added something important that I forgot to mention in my previous letter, so please read it again. I added that we are doing some humanitarian work in Wadi Nasara as well!


Please send in your support should the Lord prompt your heart, but please also remember to support our general fund so we can keep on producing life-changing programs. Support for the general fund is really needed at this time and throughout the summer season.


May the Lord bless you and give you a wonderful month of June!


In Christ's love and service,

Nizar Shaheen

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