July 2019 - Nation Under God!


July 2019 - Nation Under God!

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here in North America this month, we have celebrated Canada Day and Independence Day for the USA. My family and I enjoyed our time together topped off with a delicious BBQ meal (Ellen is a very good cook!).


How blessed we are to enjoy freedom! We have freedom of expression and freedom to worship our Lord Jesus. Our nations were built upon Judeo-Christian ethics and principles. Our founding fathers trusted God and based our civil laws upon God's laws as found in the Bible. Our national prayer is for God to keep our land glorious and free. We are blessed to be a nation under God and to have the motto "In God we trust."


We, as Christians today, must pray that these same values upon which our countries were founded, will remain strong, and not be influenced by other value systems that could take us "back to the stone age," so to speak, or you could say systems that would put our countries further into darkness. Let us pray for our countries to remain free and a safe place for our families; a safe place wherein we can worship the Lord freely and freely spread the Gospel.


Light For All Nations is seeing many people come from a place of spiritual darkness to that of the Lord's wonderful light! We are so encouraged daily with many great testimonies! Recently, Mohammed from Algeria called to say he wants to leave Islam, where he has seen much violence and terror, and he asked how to become a Christian. Our counselor share with him the good news of God's love and forgiveness and how God has a great plan for him. Mohammad prayed and asked Jesus to come into his life!


Another person, also from Algeria, was watching our program when the Lord opened her eyes to see His truth and she called us and was led unto salvation by our counselor.


Another woman from Iran, who speaks Arabic, was watching our program when she called saying she was at a major intersection in her life, trying to understand what is the truth and what is untrue. She explained that she was an observant Muslim but felt a disconnect from God. After she prayed the prayer of salvation, she exclaimed: "This is the first time in my life that I taste the rest [feel peace] and feel that God is near to me and that He hears my prayers." The ministry is following up with her almost on a daily basis.


We are hearing many similar stories, especially from North Africa these days. It amazes me to see the dedication of believers in these countries. They serve the Lord in the midst of persecution and many are bold to share their faith. Let us, believers who have freedom, not forget to pray for believers who are persecuted.


For our Canadian supporters, please remember to mark your calendars for our fund-raising banquets this Fall. Those in Alberta, mark your calendar for September 28/19. Those in Ontario, mark your calendar for October 19/19. Watch for more information in future communications. I hope that as many as can make it will come! I love to meet you in person and share with you all that God is doing through Light For All Nations.


May the Lord bless you and give you and your families a safe and healthy summer! May we continue to enjoy the freedom afforded to us in North America. God bless America!


In Christ's love and service,

Nizar Shaheen

P.s. I am so thank to God for the generous support of many who have given to our summer Mission to Syria. We are continuing to take designated donations - the more we raise, the more we can help! Please also remember to support our General Fund without which the ministry could not continue with strength.

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