August 2019 - Summer Blessings!


August 2019 - Summer Blessings!

Greetings in the all-powerful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. This past month was very busy and very productive. I was a guest on two major Arabic satellite channels. We did 30 hours of live TV wherein I was either the guest speaker at the station or participated as a conference speaker. This is a great means of reaching the masses on many fronts with strong evangelistic messages.


A powerful and effective tool these days is social media. I praise the Lord for the great and amazing testimonies we hear daily through this media. I have shared several of these reports with you before, and they keep on coming in. We have several reports of healing and answered prayers! Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and He can do miracles for you today!


I was the main speaker last week of a first time, new and unique conference in Bethlehem where the Arabic church leaders came together from Israel, Palestine and Jordan. There was a beautiful spirit of unity and love. The theme was "That they may be one..." from John 17:11. One of the messages I spoke at this wonderful conference was about how to be salt and light in our society. I gave examples from the past of the amazing Christian influence in our world - literacy, human rights, emancipation of slavery, the building of hospitals, schools, universities and the Red Cross, YMCA, and the establishment of many charities which have helped countless people to ease their hunger, pain and poverty. Even today Christians are making the most difference in the world in these same areas. What a great legacy we have; a legacy that we must carry on, for to do so, is to have the heart of Christ and to do His will.


As I write this letter, and send it to my wife Ellen in our office to email it to you, I am in Lebanon on my way to Syria for our big evangelistic campaign and to provide aid for the needy people. The preparations are going well and it will be a very busy time for me and my wonderful team here. I praise the Lord for the provision that many of our faithful supporters have given for this cause. Thank you for your support! Please pray for a great harvest of souls!


May the Lord bless you abundantly!


In Christ's love and service,


Nizar Shaheen


Pictures from Conference in Bethlehem


Preaching at conference

Aug 2019 1


Award of appreciation

Aug 2019 2


"That they may be one" - John 17:11

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