October 2019 - Urgent Prayer Requests


October 2019 - Urgent Prayer Requests

We have some urgent prayer requests! As I am sure you have heard on the news, the Turkish forces have been invading the Kurdish cities in North East Syria. How tragic for these people who have already suffered so much under ISIS. They are the ones, who with their blood, drove ISIS out and who had started to rebuild their lives. Now with Turkey invading, they are again in a war zone and are being displaced.


This is the area where I had visited many times and where many had become believers in Jesus and where I baptized many and helped them to establish new churches and congregations. I became friends and a spiritual father to many of them, so this sad news really breaks my heart.


# 1. Please pray for God to give them His protection and to bring about a supernatural peace. Pray for many more to turn to Jesus and come to faith.


# 2. Please pray for the believers in Algeria as the government has started to persecute them greatly. They are closing many churches down, sealing the doors and not allowing the people to enter. There has been in recent years ten of thousands of people in Algeria coming to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Many are from the Berber people. Pray for the Lord to intervene and through this persecution may the church continue to grow. Light For All Nations has a huge audience in North Africa. Our brothers and sisters there face a continual and systematic persecution.


# 3. Please pray for a successful Light For All Nations Fund-raising banquet. We rely on this event each year to give us the much needed boost and to help in our ministry plans. 


Thank you for praying with me!

Nizar Shaheen

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