December 2019 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!


December 2019 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

A Joyous Christmas Greeting to you and your family from my family and my ministry family! This season is always very busy with a lot going on, but we take joy in being active and are thankful to the Lord for the strength He gives. May you and your loved ones have a very Christ-centered Christmas full of His blessings and peace.


Light For All Nations began and completed the first third of the production for the new 62 episode series all about Jesus; teaching on many aspects of His identity, Deity, and Personhood. It will begin to air in mid January and we will continue to do more productions on locations in the Holy Land this Spring.


Following the production in Israel, I went to Egypt and was involved in a wonderful conference for young adults called NextGen. I was one of the main speakers along with others, such as Pastor Chip Ingram. There was about 2500+ in attendance coming from all over Egypt and from some parts of the Middle East. Hundreds made first time commitments to Jesus Christ. 550+ young leaders were trained and equipped and registered to lead small groups. 5000+ small group resources were distributed. Millions of people tuned in to watch the conference on two satellite channels and online. It is exciting to see the move of God in Egypt! Pray with me for these young leaders who will go back to their cities well equipped for effective ministry.


Soon I will be travelling to Israel, but returning home in time for Christmas with my family. I will be speaking in several cities and towns all over the country and in Palestine. The main event will be the Special Christmas Banquet and Concert in Bethlehem on December 20th. It hasn't been easy for the Christian community in that region of the world as there is much political turmoil, and they are a small minority. Many have moved out of the country seeking a better life and those who remain have struggles, but we want to encourage them and bring joy at a time of year when the world is focused on Bethlehem. We are encouraging the people to invite all their unsaved loved ones. We want to see the Christ of Christmas be born in their hearts for only He can give true and lasting joy and peace. By email I had told our supporters about this event and we raised money for it on "Giving Tuesday" which was December 3rd. Thank you to all who responded! Pray with me that on December 20th in Bethlehem, hundreds of people will enthrone the King of Christmas in their hearts.


A very important part of the Light For All Nations Ministry is our contacts with viewers and the follow-up. I want to let you know that we get a huge number of prayer requests - prayers for healing, growing in faith, prayers for their family - too numerous to share, but God knows each one, however, I will share with you some testimonies.

- K. a Muslim woman from Syria contacted one of our prayer counselors. She had watched the Jesus Film that we had put on our website and was moved to tears as the Holy Spirit touched her heart. Our counselor led her to Christ and now she wants to get baptized.

- An Algerian lady had fallen away from the Lord during university. She had spiritual attacks but she called for prayer and deliverance and she returned to Jesus.

- Another Algerian religious Muslim woman saw a dream of Jesus and through our counsel and through reading the Gospel of John and regular follow-up, she accepted the Lord!


We have had so much response from Algeria! The believers are also asking us to pray for them because of the government closing their churches. They are being persecuted. Let us not forget to pray for them.


What a wonderful way to end the year; in celebration of the Gift of Jesus and in seeing so many people accept His gift of salvation! The social media outreach is exploding and keeps on the increase! What a great year the ministry has had! Thank you so much dear ones for partnering with Light For All Nations. I greatly appreciate your support!


All donations to the ministry received in 2019 will be receipted with one receipt for income tax purposes early in the New Year. Please let me remind you that for your year-end donation to be included in your 2019 tax receipt, it needs to be received by us before midnight on December 31, 2019 either electronically or by post mark.
Will you prayerfully consider giving a very generous year-end donation so that Light For All Nations will end 2019 and start 2020 ready to conquer the world!


I pray you will have a joyous Christmas! May the Lord bless you abundantly!


Nizar & Ellen



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