July 2020 - Still Good News!


July 2020 - Still Good News!

Grace and peace to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Scripture from Isaiah 55:11 is foremost in my thoughts: “So shall My word be that goes forth from my mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”


Not long ago I woke up very early thinking about a classmate and neighbour from Cana of Galilee that I haven’t seen for more than 40 years. God put her on my heart and I began to pray for her and then I texted her sister-in-law, as she and her late husband are my children in faith. I heard back that at first she couldn’t be reached, then a little later I learned she was in hospital in the intensive care. I was given her cell number and so I texted her to encourage her, but her son texted me back, saying, “of course we know you; we watch your programs all the time and my mom and I became believers through your programs and we have grown in faith through your ministry.” His words were a great encouragement to me! Shortly thereafter, she went to be with the Lord, but her last words to her son was telling him to meet me, and to continue in faith. When the country opens up, I will go to Israel and will certainly plan to meet this young man. Our Lord is so caring and loving for His children.


We have a lot of traffic on our social media sites. Thousands are watching the videos I post to Facebook everyday (except not live on Sunday) since the beginning of the pandemic. I have been involved in numerous radio programs and video conferencing meetings with Zoom and many have been transmitted to live satellite. We live in an amazing age! Many people have accepted the Lord by watching my daily messages on Facebook in the Arabic language. It has been something new that really keeps me busy and keeps me in the Word and seeking God for inspiration. In every message I give people the opportunity to accept the Lord as their Savior. This is our calling and our mandate.


I have been reading through comments and testimony after testimony from Muslims and nominal Christians who have come to the Lord. It thrills my heart to know that at this time more than 30 people from many different countries are being ministered to one-on-one by our ministry follow-up team who have led many to Christ, especially during this Covid time.


I want to say A BIG THANK YOU to all our faithful supporters. Thank you for partnering with me! Please allow me to encourage you with a couple of these wonderful testimonies:


1. A lady from Morocco told us she was kidnapped as a baby and raised in an orphanage, so she doesn’t know who her parents are, but, surprisingly she was adopted (although Islam is against adoption). As an adult she heard about the love of our heavenly Father and as she watched our programs she began to understand her identity in God and she gave her life to Jesus. Light For all Nations is still regularly following up with her and we are so glad that her life has been changed from sadness to joy!


2. Mohamad from Morocco wrote saying we knew nothing about Christianity but he watched the Jesus film (we have the link for it on our website) and got a Bible and he accepted Jesus. He said there are many families who need to know Jesus too. We are now putting them in contact with our colleagues on the ground.


3. Mariam from Tunisia became a follower of Jesus after being explained about the meaning of “Son of God.” Many Muslims have misunderstanding about what this means. She is learning continuously through our webpage.


I know that God is in control and even though there have been unusual limitations put upon us by the government at this time, we have still expanded our ministry in new ways and thousands upon thousands of new people are being blessed through our teachings and messages.


You are in my prayers. Even though the Church cannot meet as before, we are still one in Christ and still family and Lord willing we will resume our corporate worship soon. May the Lord bless you and keep you well and safe.


Your brother,

Nizar Shaheen



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