August 2020 - Important Information!


August 2020 - Important Information!

Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the Scripture verse that God is impressing upon my heart:

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).


We are living in uncertain times. I thought the Corona Virus ordeal would affect us for two weeks to one month, but it has been months and months and many people are suffering because of it; not just physically, but emotionally as well. Many have lost jobs and income. Many of our dear partners are going through tough times. We are praying for you and praying this dark cloud will pass quickly.


Spiritually speaking the ministry of Light For All Nations is soaring and on the increase in the area of touching lives with many more salvations, an increase in follow-up and praying with people. Since the start of the lock-down the ministry on FaceBook and YouTube has increased greatly. I have been doing daily FaceBook live messages with many shares and thousands of viewers. I have been doing many Zoom video conferencing services and messages, so now more than ever, I am busy preparing messages and bible studies to keep up with the demand for sound and strong Biblical teaching in the Arabic language. I am happy to report that Light For All Nations is still producing from our studio the Live–to-Air Wednesday broadcast called “Leyakoon Nour.”


Sadly, there were some things we had to cancel, like my missions trip to Syria, and the unfinished production in the Holy Land with teaching on Biblical locations, but as soon as things open up, I am anxious to resume the plans and go back to Israel and accelerate our production there. A strong and unique feature and point of interest in our programming are the productions we do in the Holy Land. For the Arabic speaking world, most of whom cannot visit the Holy Land, these productions draw large viewership and of course in every program, we share the clear Gospel message and give people the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ.


My dear friend and partner, May I ask please for your prayers? We need God’s guidance and wisdom. Light For All Nations has come to a point where we have to make changes. Since we stopped renting our office space from the Crossroads Ministry several months ago when they sold the building, we now have a new landlord that must raise the rental cost drastically, and so with the guidance of my Board of Directors we have decided it is time to move-out. We are committed to being good stewards of the money God’s provides and so we are praying to find a new rental space that will be suitable to make part of it into a new studio. At the same time, we need to update the equipment for production. My staff and I are now in the midst of packing up our office space to move out next week, but we will keep renting the studio and control rooms only, as these we need to continue with our ongoing regular media ministry. We will put most things from our office in storage until we find the right place. We will continue to do work from our studio space where we will shuffle things around and I will set up a desk in there. As in the early stages of the pandemic, some staff were working from home and that will happen again until the Lord provides the new space. God knows exactly what we should do and where we will go and we are trusting in Him. Such a change will bring benefits as when the new space is prepared we will move our set and our good equipment and we will buy, as God provides, some much needed updated state-of-the-art equipment so we can grow in our scope and effectiveness ushering us into the new decade.


Would you prayerfully consider making a special donation to this “launch of the Capital Campaign” for our new studio? When we find a new space, hopefully very soon, we need to begin construction of the new studio. Now-a-days, studios do not need to be very large as they were in the past, but we need to make it very professional. We want to do the best for God. Like my late father-in-law, David Mainse, a pioneer in the Christian television ministry and from whom I learned a lot, I have always insisted on top quality productions. When people see something less than par, they will not watch and it doesn't' reflect well with our most important message, but we have always made our programming top quality to draw more people to watch with the ultimate goal of bringing more people to the Lord.


I want to let you know that even though the ministry has had a drop in regular donations during this pandemic, God has still provided in miraculous ways to see us through! I am encouraged and hopeful! I am so thankful to the Lord for you and the many others who have been faithful supporters of Light For All Nations. May the Lord bless you and give you His peace at this time of turmoil.


Your brother in Christ,

Nizar Shaheen



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