Love Lebanon!


Love Lebanon!

Greetings my friend. By now many of you have heard about the tragedy that struck in Beirut, Lebanon with the huge and terrible explosion that killed many and injured thousands.


Lebanon has suffered much recently - financial crisis, refugee crisis, Covid 19, unrest and demonstrations, and now this terrible blow! Lebanon is a Democratic society and the only Arab country that is open to MBB's (Muslim Background Believers) and they are allowed to study the Bible and theology. I have done many evangelistic meetings in various cities of Lebanon and the people have been open to the Lord.


I know at this time we are in the midst of many challenges. Churches and families have felt the financial crunch due to the pandemic, but when such disasters strike in the places that we minister, we feel the urge to help and we must respond. If God lays it upon your heart to help Lebanon please mail in a check or click the link below and put in your note or memo "Love Lebanon Fund." We are working with people on the ground in Lebanon to ensure the money reaches those in need.


Please pray for the people of Lebanon. May the Lord use this time of much sorrow to draw them unto Himself and may He give them peace.


With a heart of compassion,

Nizar Shaheen


P.s. Please make your cheque out to "Light For All Nations" and designate your donation in the memo to "Love Lebanon Fund." You can also make your donation online by clicking here.



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