September 2020


September 2020

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. During these strange days of the pandemic we have to remember that God is still in control. He is a great and living God and He is at work in our world. Light For All Nations is more busy at this time, as our online ministry has increased greatly and we are following up with many people and everyday we see miracles of salvation and healing!


Light For All Nations is responding to the great need in Lebanon due to the explosion last month in Beirut that has caused many people to be homeless and in need of basic necessities and food. We have started a “Love Lebanon” Campaign to raise funds to send to a couple of local churches in Beirut who are helping with humanitarian aid. Thank you to the many people who have already responded. If you would like to help, please put in the donation note or memo “Love Lebanon.”


During this time when many are depressed and disappointed, let me encourage you with some great recent testimonies:


- We are presently helping a new believer woman in Saudi Arabia to grow in her faith and giving her much needed encouragement, but the last time we communicated with her she told us something that has greatly encouraged us! Since her American Christian friend had to leave the country, she has been praying for someone else with whom she can have Christian fellowship. For her safely, her faith has to remain a secret. On the second day of her fasting and praying, she told us that she saw a vision of Jesus who gave her a piece of bread that she ate and it was so tasty. Afterwards she went into the next room and her daughter was there and exclaimed, “Oh Mom! Your face is shining with light!” Certainly the Lord is close to those who seek Him!


- Mohammad from Sudan wrote us to say that for along time he has watched our programs and was very attracted to the personality and love of Jesus, which is in contrast with the killing, hate and violence of Islam. Mohammad became convinced that Jesus is the truth and he thanked me for helping him to find Jesus through my messages and teaching, especially the teachings given on the bible locations that he really enjoying watching. Now Mohammad wants to serve the Lord and study in Bible College.


- An Iraqi lady living in Canada experienced a miracle! She had been living in fear for 15 years after her neighbour committed suicide. She was terrified to sleep alone in the dark, but one day she turned on the TV and I was speaking prophetically saying there is a lady watching who has a phobia and is terrified to sleep alone. I told her to read Psalm 91 and 121. She reported that she immediately began to memorize these chapters and was healed completely!


- An Iraqi man saw Jesus in his dream and called to tell us and we led him to faith in Jesus.


- A Muslim man from Yemen called because he wanted to know more about Jesus. We encouraged him to watch the Jesus Film that we have linked from our website. He enjoyed it greatly and became fascinated with the Person of Jesus, so we began to send him more information, like the Gospel of Luke and John. Finally, he prayed the prayer of salvation and we are still following up with him so he grows in faith.


- There are so many others I could go on and on! We are having a revival of souls coming to the Lord and every month it is on the increase! Praise the Lord!


Before closing my letter, I need to update you on what is happening with our office situation. We are still praying for the right place to move to, but in the mean time, we are making due with operating out of our current studio space. We are still needing to raise more funds for the “Capital Campaign” which will enable us to upgrade to a new studio. A “Big Thank you” to those who have already supported this campaign. If God lays it upon your heart to support, please note “Capital Campaign” on your donation notes.


I pray the Lord will bless you and keep you and your family well and healthy. God has blessed me and my family with good health. Ellen and I also need your prayers for God’s wisdom.


Your brother in Christ,

Nizar Shaheen


P.s. Normally in the Fall, we begin to tell you about our up and coming banquets, however, this year, we have to make some changes. Please pray for God’s wisdom in how best to do our fund-raising efforts this year. We may plan a Zoom meeting, but whatever it is, we will let you know.



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