Day to Day (#15) - The Resurrection of Jesus

Day to Day (#15) - The Resurrection of Jesus


Saul of Tarsus took Christians for blasphemers who must be killed and completely destroyed because of their belief which they spread everywhere: Christ is God manifested in a body that took our sins and died on the cross but rose from the dead. There are many evidences that prove the truth of the Christian allegations. They are derived from old prophecies, real events and appearances of Christ plus the complete transformation of His followers' lives that led them to martyrdom, to protect that faith. There are many other things which prove that Christ is alive until now and calls every man to receive the salvation He offered.

• Why do Christians consider the resurrection of Jesus as a cornerstone of their faith?
• Elijah ascended to heaven alive and many persons rose from the dead... How is Christ's resurrection different from them?



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