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Saturdays at 4:00 pm (Eastern time)

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English Program "Let There Be Light"

Watch Nizar Shaheen, who will host many of the episodes with his daughter, Sarah, dealing with a variety of interesting topics and apologetics.


Our Canadian viewers can watch "Let There Be Light (LTBL)" program aired through Crossroads Channel “YESTV” by visiting this link: OR watch online on our website every Saturday at 4:00 PM (Eastern).


The schedule of airing will be:


In Ontario

Saturdays 6:30 AM & 4:00 PM


In Alberta

Saturday 2:00 PM  


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New Series Day 2 Day

Join us every day starting on July 1st with a new episode from
the series "Day 2 Day"

Media type
Day to Day (#135) - The Summary of Paul's Life

Day to Day (#135) - The Summary of Paul's Life

+ He was born in Tarsus and studied Greek philosop...
Media type
Day to Day (#134) - The Titles of the Apostle Paul

Day to Day (#134) - The Titles of the Apostle Paul

+ Paul had many titles like the title of the Apost...
Media type
Day to Day (#133) - A Summary of Paul’s Teachings

Day to Day (#133) - A Summary of Paul’s Teachings

+ Paul taught hundreds of subjects but we can dete...

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