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Ministry Activities





Light For All Nations, the television program, is our main mission emphasis. From it, the incorporated ministry has taken its name, and all other aspects of the ministry revolve around its extensive outreach. The program consists of interviews, Bible teaching (often at biblical locations), music, and subjects that concern the Middle Eastern mentality.


"Let There Be Light" - An exciting weekly 1 1/2 hour live-to-air call-in TV program, hosted by Nizar Shaheen (started Jan. 2010) airs prime time in the Middle East and North Africa; answering the questions and misconceptions and boldly reveals the truth.


Internet Web Site – – To reach internationals with the Gospel, the web site gives information about the ministry, lists channels and time schedules, answers questions, ministers with audio and video clips of the Light For All Nations program, and provides links to other Christian ministries. The web site has as many as 11,000 visits each month.


Student Training – We have helped students from the Middle East to receive training in Christian communications. Some of these students have, in turn, helped Light For All Nations and others have gone on to establish other ministries.


Special TV Projects – Light For All Nations works in conjunction with other ministries and stations, such as SAT 7, METV, CTS, and Banner Communications, to produce programs, such as The Light of Life The Gospel of Belief The Gospel of the King , etc.


Social Services – Light For All Nations helps whenever the need arises and funds are available to provide financial assistance. This includes assisting pastors in Palestine suffering with difficult war circumstances, sending underprivileged children in Palestine to a Christian summer camp, rallying with other organizations, such as Crossroads Christian Communications in providing hospital equipment to facilities in Palestine . We have also played an important role in helping the Sudanese people to obtain much needed medicine. We hope to strengthen and increase these important humanitarian efforts as God provides.


Children's Program – Light For All Nations is undertaking the production of a new children's program. We believe this is a vital ministry. It is crucial that we reach them with the message of love, peace, and other important Christian principles from a young age.


Radio Programs – Nizar Shaheen has participated in many radio programs at various radio stations. There are great open doors for radio in the Middle East and North Africa where this medium still plays a great role. We are looking to increase and produce regular radio programs for weekly and, possibly, daily broadcasts.


Follow-Up Help – In addition to offering spiritual help by correspondence to addresses in Canada, Cyprus, Egypt, Europe, and the United States, Light For All Nations provides counselling and prayer on the 800 line which is available in North America and has, on occasion, been accessed internationally. Our staff has prayed with many people and led hundreds to the Lord. We also partner with Life Agape (Campus Crusade for Christ) to help with follow-up. We send out Bibles, books, tracts, and teaching on audio and video tapes.


Newsletters – Monthly newsletters are sent to keep our supporters posted on what is happening with the ministry and to present them with various needs, victories, and prayer requests.


Revival Meetings – Light For All Nations has sponsored evangelistic meetings in many countries and in many churches of different denomination with Nizar Shaheen and other evangelists participating. The meetings have been held in both the Arabic and English languages. We've seen spiritual breakthroughs, many people accepting the Lord Jesus as their Saviour for the first time, and many rededicating their lives to Him. These meeting have also caused a great increase in numbers attending the local churches.


Association With Local Churches – Light For All Nations works closely with local churches and with pastors of many denominations, for it purposes to serve the local church and be an arm of assistance to them. We believe that God's purpose is to use the local church to establish His Kingdom. Jesus said, “I will build my church” (Matthew 16:18 ). The objective of Light For All Nations is to encourage those who accept Jesus Christ as a result of this ministry, in the attendance of a local church so they may grow in their faith. Light For All Nations has also been an instrument to help begin new congregations and to assist established churches to grow in number.


Conferences – Light For All Nations has sponsored many conferences to bring together pastors and church leaders from many denominations in an effort to promote unity and cooperation. By networking together we enable the work of the Lord to have greater effectiveness so God ultimately can be glorified. Another role for the ministry of Light For All Nations is to be an inspiration, a model, and a catalyst for many to fulfill the mandate of Jesus Christ. In Israel , Light For All Nations brought Messianic Jewish leaders and Palestinian pastors together for dialogue and reconciliation. What is the task for the church? The whole church must take the whole Gospel to the whole world . We believe that if the church is strong and unified, then we can win the world for Christ


Seminars – Occasionally Light For All Nations conducts seminars in churches or colleges on various topics, Bible teaching, Bible history, culture and background, or awareness seminars of other religions and beliefs. The purpose of these seminars is to equip lay people and church leaders to be more effective in their witness and ministry.


Bible Teaching Tours – Light For All Nations has arranged many trips to places of biblical significance. Thus far, our tours have featured the Holy Land . On these tours, the participants learn about the life of Christ and the culture and customs of the Bible. They also learn the history and geography of the Bible by visiting archaeological sites and museums – all of which helps them grow in the knowledge of the Lord and confirms the authenticity of the Scriptures. Such an experience provides the group with an enjoyable time of fellowship as well.



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