Day to Day (#34) - Ananias of Damascus

Day to Day (#34) - Ananias of Damascus


+ Ananias was a God-fearing man, according to the Law, and highly respected by all the Jews living in the old city of Damascus, in Syria. God used him to put his hands onto Saul who, then, could open his eyes and was filled with the Holy Spirit. Then he baptized Saul right away.

+ From that moment Saul began preaching and testifying to Christ. Ananias obeyed the voice of the Lord. He was faithful and honest in submitting to God's will.

+ Meeting with Saul did not make sense. It was not like preaching to thousands… But if Ananias did not obey, how great would be the damage!

+ Does God speak with you about what you should do but you don't listen to the Spirit of God?

+ Is serving a few persons less important than serving thousands?

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