Day to Day (#52) - The Living Pillars of the Church of Antioch

Day to Day (#52) - The Living Pillars of the Church of Antioch


+ The Bible records five living pillars in the church of Antioch - Four figures besides Paul: Barnabas, the encouraging preacher and one of Paul’s companions; Simon, called Niger, who was probably from Africa; Lucius of Cyrene (or Libya) and Manaen who had been brought up with Herod, the tetrarch, so he was from the aristocratic class. All of them served the Lord. They fasted and prayed for one purpose: to proclaim the Gospel message throughout the world.

+ Staying away from a regular worship and fellowship with the believers is a great spiritual danger.

+ Do you have a fellowship with God's children? Do you belong to a living church where you can meet with God regularly?

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