Day to Day (#125) - Background Info on the Herod Family

Day to Day (#125) - Background Info on the Herod Family


+ The head of the family was Herod the Great who was violent and cruel and killed the children of Bethlehem. However, he had a passion for architecture so he built the Temple in Jerusalem and founded Caesarea. His first son, Archelaus, ruled over Judea.

+  His second son, Herod Antipas was the one who beheaded John the Baptist and made fun of Jesus during his trial. The grandson, Herod Antipas I, beheaded James and died in a miraculous way. Paul was put on trial before Herod Antipas II.

+ Paul could have avoided those trials, and that difficult time, by not going to Jerusalem.

+ Some people are distracted from serving God by some trivial things; others by hardships and the rest do not even care about Satan's threats!

+ To which group do you belong?

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